Oirschot has more than three hundred protected national and municipal monumental buildings, two protected village sights and has many surrounding nature reserves with beautiful walking and cycling routes. Oirschot is therefore also called 'MONUMENT IN GREEN'.

Stroll through the charming streets of the historic centre of Oirschot, climb the tower of the centuries-old Sint-Petrus Basilica, visit the former characteristic Town Hall from 1513 and the museum De Vier Quartieren. The Oirschot Marktet Square, with its old chestnut trees, restaurants and terraces, is one of the most beautiful market squares in Brabant. In the shadow of the Marktet Square lies the charming Vrijthof with the oldest tuff stone Butter Church.

Come to Oirschot and discover the many gems that Oirschot has to offer.

Below an overview of the highlights of Oirschot and its surrounding core villages Middelbeers, Oostelbeers, Westelbeers and Spoordonk.


Monumental Oirschot

A village with many hidden gems.

Oirschot is a historic village with more than 300 protected monuments. The centuries-old Sint-Petrus Basilica and the Town Hall adorn the Marktet Square and are well worth a visit.

Take a guided walk through the centre or follow the path of the monasteries and discover the rich history of Oirschot.

Eating, Drinking, Shopping

Enjoy the Burgundian life.

In the centre of Oirschot, around the large Market Square with its old chestnut trees, you will find restaurants and terraces where you can enjoy yourself.

Stroll through the cosy streets with museums, nice shops, galleries and antique shops. And finish on the famous Great Chair of Oirschot.

Cycling and Walking

Oirschot, Monument in Green.

In the vicinity of Oirschot are many beautiful nature reserves where you can walk and cycle. Choose your own route or follow the extensive Nodes Routes.

Well known nature reserves are: Het Dal van de Beerze, De Mortelen, Het Landgoed Heerenbeek, De Kampina, De Oirschotse Heide, Het Groene Woud and The Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen.

Tea Garden with Art

The secrets of a delicious cup of tea.

You will find Tea Garden De Galerie in the outskirts of Oirschot. Here you can enjoy more than 100 tea flavours and the hostess tells you with passion about her tea plants.

Stroll through the Tea Garden and discover between all the beautiful greenery the self-made works of art.

Chapel The Holy Oak

A moment of reflection.

Hidden in the woods by the small river De Beerze, you find the Chapel The Holy Oak, where you can relax for a moment, say a little prayer or light a candle for your loved ones.

Around the chapel there are beautiful forest paths where you can take a walk or sit on a bench and enjoy the quietness and the beautiful nature.

The Footbridge of Oirschot

Architecture with history.

The Stönner Meijwaard bridge honours 2 soldiers of the Prinses Irene Brigade who gave their lives during the liberation of Oirschot in October 1944. The footbridge is named after them.

The impressive footbridge for cyclists and walkers connects the outskirts of Oirschot with the centre and offers a beautiful view over the Wilhelmina Canal. At night the footbridge is beautiful lit.

Climb the Church Tower

Hear the bells ringing.

In the centre of Oirschot you find the centuries old Saint-Petrus Basilica with its beautiful tower that looks out over all of Oirschot and the wide surroundings.

Dare to climb the 300 steps in the old tower and behold the beautiful Carillon which is still played weekly by our carillonneur.

Militairy Barracks of Oirschot

Feeling safe in Oirschot.

The General Major de Ruyter van Steveninck Barracks is one of the largest barracks in the Netherlands. Each year there is an Open Day where everyone is welcome.

The military practice with their tankers, helicopters and rifles and walk many kilometres through the Oirschots Heather.

The Big Chair

In Oirschot you can sit well.

As a symbol of the traditional Oirschot furniture industry and as a tribute to the craftsmanship of the artisans, a big chair was made by the Oirschot firm of Meeuwis in 1958.

Climb the more than 3 metre high wooden chair, sit down comfortably and have a nice photo taken as a souvenir.


Fancy a beer?

At the cosy Oirschot brewery VandeOirsprong, you can enjoy a beer tasting session on the terrace. Experience the real Oirschot beers here.

There are also guided tours through the brewery and you can see how beer has been brewed with pleasure and passion for more than 400 years.

Pitch & Putt Golf

A golf game for everyone.

Challenge yourself and dare to play Pitch & Putt Golf in Oirschot. Whether you play 9 holes or 18 holes, playing pleasure comes first.

The open air, the challenge and the competition ensure enjoyable and sporty hours with family, friends or colleagues. Make this experience complete with a snack and a drink.

Safariepark De Beekse Bergen

Go on an adventure, meet the animals.

Discover the beautiful nature of Safari Park De Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. Go on safari (by car, bus, boat or on foot) through nature and come face to face with the wild animals.

A visit to the park is unique, very educational and above all unforgettable for everyone.

The Efteling

A world full of wonders.

Not far away from Oirschot, in Kaatsheuvel, you find the largest and most enjoyable family theme park in The Netherlands, The Efteling. Imagine yourself in the land of fairy tales, exciting roller coasters, enchanting attractions, park shows and the secrets of the forest.

The Efteling, a day out for young and old. Let yourself be surprised.

Play Forrest The Kemmer

Discover the secrets of the forest.

In Play Forest The Kemmer in Oirschot, children can climb, clamber, build huts and play in abundance.

Various animals are hidden in the woods, all have their own story to tell and watch over their own territory. Come with the whole family and get to know the kingdom of the animals.

Fish Pond Het Lisje

I caught something.

In and around fishpond Het Lisje, many species of water and shore plants, birds and insects can be admired. This makes the area not only popular with sport fishermen, but also with other nature lovers.

Enjoy the tranquillity and beautiful nature of this fish pond.